Versatility and simplicity define this minimalist design barbecue. Tacora Luxury is the perfect combination of natural lines and stainless steel resistance.

Tacora Luxury incorporates two independent stainless steel grills in gleaming polished finish and a solid stainless steel handle-towel rail in gleaming polished finish.

This barbecue incorporates a stove top.

Tacora Luxury has a practical lower shelf, where you can place trays, accessories, among others.

This practical barbecue-cart can be easily moved, providing a luxurious touch to your garden or balcony.

Tacora is fitted with four independent aluminium brake castors.

Ecologic and easy to clean.

Cooking surface: 2 grills measruing 435x435mm each.

Barbecue dimensions: 1490x620x810mm.

An experience to seduce all your senses. Luxury, functionality and balance available to you. This barbecue has been designed with the best materials. Every single detail has been taken into consideration. Tacora Elegance superior part is made in stainless steel in satin-finish. The rest of the barbecue is made in stainless steel in gleaming polished finish.