FESFOC launches their new designs in gas barbecues. High performance gardens cookers in stainless steel. A new concept in design and culinary comfort is what you’ll find in this awesome gas barbecue.

If your preferences are barbecue or gas cooker, FESFOC has all the complete collection on high-performance grills. Talking about these specific BBQ, the Krakatoa Elite Line has a multitude of functions that guarantee a pleasant time in an extraordinary full kitchen. It has a grill area where you can make endless dishes cooking at different intensities.

Besides its wonderful design in steel, has a cover for the stove area, completing the BBQ design you wanted.

But is not just the dramatic concept of outdoor kitchen design; also you need to consider that a great outdoor kitchen needs a good finish and service for our chef. The gas barbecue Krakatoa Elite Line has a stainless steel sink with a large capacity, which can leave the cooking utensils and can be cleaned without moving them. This is a great utility to make the smartest decision. Luxury with low maintenance!

With this set of luxury will transform your garden or terrace into an exquisite art space. You can make you kitchen in an outside concept and enjoy a unique moment in the best cooking gas grill in stainless steel.