Fesfoc brand has done some innovative and fantastic gardeners designed exclusively to meet the needs of our customers. All of them stand out for its functionality and beauty, from simple geometric shapes. The Tulum steel pots are designed with a shape of a truncated inverted pyramid. Have a miter in its lower part, which gives an effect of buoyancy, unique effect of Fesfoc signature.

They can be adapted for indoor environments such as hotel lobbies, or to outdoor spaces and gardens or locals-offices entrance. Decorating these environments and giving them a sophisticated and elegant touch.

FesFoc pots have been designed to be manufactured in stainless steel, or corten steel and steel with epoxy painted, with the customer color needs, with impeccable finishes and keeping in mind the smallest detail. Strong and durable, an ideal alternative that gives us a cutting edge and groundbreaking touch to any space.

In form predominates the equilibrium shapes of outlines and noble materials used for manufacturing. A dream flowerpots to decorate boxes, playing with a variety of colors, transmitting and integrating both the exterior and interior habitat coherent and balanced environment.

They are ideal to beautify and give a touch of class to any room supplement. If you like to enjoy the elegant and relaxing places, you will need this unique and fantastic edgy planter manufactured in steel base. In today’s decor enhances both minimalism and the avant-garde of your home or premises. With these luxury plant boxes you can make your space a glamorous and ideal. With Tulum pots, make a pleasant and elegant environment in sight it will not be complicated. Create sophisticated environments in a simple and unique way, reflecting the importance of wearing the decoration and the space where it is destined to a more modern design. They can be used as separating space planters, creating and defining areas for different uses. This stunning vase was manufactured in multiple sizes, high, low, large, small, for all tastes and environments.