Fesfoc firm launches a new design of bright luxury boxes. They are designed to enhance any type of space, either inside or outside. Illuminated planter Jungle, as its name indicates, represents the nature dressed as flowerpots.

It is inspired by the vegetation of the jungle, and its presence transmits life and freshness. Their exquisite finishes are designed to enhance the space where they are located. Designed with the best materials and taking into account the smallest detail, we found it in stainless steel, corten steel and galvanized steel painted.

This design will make anybody indifferent, not neither to you, not to anybody who has the honour of seeing it. These luminous flowerpots turn out to be very decorative; creating a contrast with the spontaneity of the space that surrounds them and integrates, as if they were one element of the place or landscape, enhancing the beauty of the design.